Get Help When and Where You Need It

Get Help When and Where You Need It

We provide car jumpstart services in Covington, Florence, KY, and Norwood, OH

Don't let a dead battery make you late for work. If your engine won't crank, turn to the experts at Fender's Wrecker Service Inc. We offer fast and affordable car jumpstart services in Florence, Covington, Newport, KY, Norwood, OH, and the surrounding areas.

We always keep our jumper cables handy, and we can get your car started in flash. Contact us today to arrange for jumpstart services.

We can jump your car or truck without delay

Is your car refusing to start? Call on Fender's Wrecker Service for jumpstart services in the Covington, Florence, KY and Norwood, OH areas. We can help you get your car started so you can get on with your day.

Wondering why your car won't start? Dead batteries are often caused by:

  • Faulty alternators: The alternator helps recharge your battery while you're driving. If it stops working, your battery won't charge.
  • Human error: Leaving your lights on is an obvious way to drain your battery.
  • Expired batteries: Just like the milk in your fridge, your car battery has an expiration date.

Call 859-261-2600 today to schedule car jumpstart services.